Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RED SKY STUDIO promotional art

this piece was designed to promote my wonderful studio.
you can go to but the site is unfinished and sucky. I'm currently
revampin that mofo.

So I'm the creative director for a art gallery tattoo studio. its beautiful. small but powerful.
unfortunately I work remotely at the moment but go out from time to time to work.
Next month I'm going out to start my tattoo apprenticeship. a long time coming I tell
you what.

so this pieces is supposed to represent what we do in one image instead of a montage.
we do art and tattoos as well as sell jewelry. Define by Design. So I wanted
to create images that were more photo real. So I had access to a beautiful model, Natasha.
She's one of our apprentices as well. very talented. she modeled for this art and originally
it was gonna be a photo manip but ended up being a paint over which gave it a nice
hybrid look and I learned alot about likeness and detail.

this isn';t the original. this is one that I gave an extra vintage texture treatment.
maybe I'll post the original later

I found this one first

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