Monday, August 25, 2008

Yeah, I did that too...

I've been working in fashion design, mostly in leather clothes, jewelry and tshirt graphics but have done the myriad to some extent. I had a five month in studio retainer designing trim. thats, stitching, buttons, rivets, zipper pulls, hang tags, etc. I was also developing an accessory division under the direction of Joseph Bortoli. the company we were working for was LabelTex USA, one of the biggest manufactures and suppliers of trim in the world. its a pretty crazy market. we designed for everyone. Affliction, PacSun, True Religion...ok, now I'm drawing a blank..but the list goes on. it was a cool experience but I'm glad its over. lol

So I our job was to make pitches. design concepts and presentations. the sales people would use our boards to sell clients. pretty huge pay off too. so they do the design for free cuz they make their cut on the actual order. which could be huge. think about it. getting cut on every button and rivet on every piece of clothing out there...Labeltex had full facility. from design to manufacturing. some things they had to outsource, but mostly under one roof.

so here's one of my pitches...we had lots of success. it was fun. for what it was.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red Sky Studio My Home

Owned and run by artist Philip J. Felix. He was an Art Director and Designer in animation out in Los Angeles for 16 years and left the game 8 years ago to pursue tattoos and his painting. For the last 2 years he has been running his own shop successfully and is booked at least 5 months in advance. I'm the creative director for the publishing division. I'll also working on jewelry and clothing lines. I've been "starting" my tattoo apprenticeship for the last fuckin year. lol. the studio is out in Tucson and I'm out in LA. I have to get out there for at least a month of time straight to get my tattoo journey going. time and money, the two hardest things to coordinate for such things...and women, but thats another story,lol.

But I think I got something lined up that will allow me to get out there for the first round of intensive training.

I'm really excited about the process of tattoos and how it effects people. its magical.


With sixteen years’ experience in the animation, comic book, fashion design and video game fields, the artist known as Snakebite has brought his unique skill set and award-winning aesthetic flavor to bear on projects for a diverse clientele ranging from Dreamworks Animation to DC Comics, Von Dutch to VH1. He is an expert illustrator and a specialist in 2D digital media, focusing on digital paint, color design and conceptual development. Mr. Bite is also a highly regarded teacher, having shared his knowledge of Photoshop and “Art as a Business” both on staff at The Animation Academy in Burbank, California and as an occasional guest lecturer at high schools and colleges around Southern California.

He is a five-time nominee for the prestigious Eisner Award in recognition of his outstanding color work in the comics industry, and he was an integral part of the team on the groundbreaking animated video for KORN’s “Freak on a Leash,” which earned an MTV Video Music Award as well as two Grammys. In addition, his work has won awards at the 1999 ANISE International Film Festival and the 1998 Chicago Television Festival, and has been recognized by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.


I've been working on a series of images that have home decor in mind. not that I let the placement or showcase dictate the subject matter, but mostly looking for a mood, a texture and as well as a question while trying to stay away from anal detail. Also using beauty as the crutch but tweaking it a little so to have some kind of story element but capable of blending into and complimenting a living environment.

Putting anything on your walls can change many things besides the wall. Everything has intent and the wrong one can cause conflict with an individual...ok, maybe I'm making it too complex, but sometimes the simple shit is the most complex to come up with.

My Lady

They say behind every strong man there is a strong woman..well, she is in front of me.

Personal Art Book, Coming Soon!

I had to put it out there to put the fire under my ass.
Sometimes you get side tracked from personal endevours
to take care of life poopoo. But now its time to get back
on track.

Heres the back cover (first concept) for my
personal art book I'm working on.
pray for me, its a mofo.

I'm really nice...but don't tell nobody.

So I've had some people tell me I should start a blog. I only frequent two message boards ( and but I love engaging people online. I learned how to type on message boards. Now I'm the quickest two fingers in the west. WATCH ME PECK!

I have a myspace page( as well that I pimped the fuck out but people say blogging is the way to go. I'll try as much as I can to get my name out there. I'm an independent producer as well as freelance artist. I've wore many hats and have learned a handful of trades.

I'm gonna share.