Thursday, July 14, 2011

Special Thanks!

I will probably forget lots of people in this list of influences, supporters, friends and family who helped me along the way.
So forgive me.

Lisa M. Kerr, who's been by my side through all the shit. I love you.

Marlena and Oll Wilson, Jorge Cortez,Digger T. Mesch, Adrian Foster, Gustavo "Django" Vazquez, Olu Nicole Richards, Gretchen Talman, Gary Montalbano, John P. Felix, Pat Felix, Randall Kelley, Christophe Happilon, Mike McCullock, Shoobie, Sameerah Hathaway, Amanda Cook, Nick Felix, Gabe Pena, Carlos Ortega,
Donnie Madden, Kim Browning, Jose Lopez, Aaron "Strawberry" Horvath, RJ LaMendola, Steve Oliff,
Dan Fraga, Joe Pearson, Kevin Eastman, Joshua Ortega, Axel Ortiz, Eric Canete, Byron Penaranda, Jeff Conley, THomas Perkins, Robert Elston, Brock Potter, Vincent Guastini, George Frangadakis, Eldon and Michelle Asp, Jan Utstein O'Neil,

Article was edited by my old, dear and very talented friend Eldon Asp. thanks brutha!

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mortician_1974 said...

Greetings! I scanned the qr code in this months issue of Heavy Metal. Very cool