Monday, August 25, 2008

Yeah, I did that too...

I've been working in fashion design, mostly in leather clothes, jewelry and tshirt graphics but have done the myriad to some extent. I had a five month in studio retainer designing trim. thats, stitching, buttons, rivets, zipper pulls, hang tags, etc. I was also developing an accessory division under the direction of Joseph Bortoli. the company we were working for was LabelTex USA, one of the biggest manufactures and suppliers of trim in the world. its a pretty crazy market. we designed for everyone. Affliction, PacSun, True Religion...ok, now I'm drawing a blank..but the list goes on. it was a cool experience but I'm glad its over. lol

So I our job was to make pitches. design concepts and presentations. the sales people would use our boards to sell clients. pretty huge pay off too. so they do the design for free cuz they make their cut on the actual order. which could be huge. think about it. getting cut on every button and rivet on every piece of clothing out there...Labeltex had full facility. from design to manufacturing. some things they had to outsource, but mostly under one roof.

so here's one of my pitches...we had lots of success. it was fun. for what it was.

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